The library is central to each and all academic institutions. The Global College International Library System is well developed to provide environment, services, resources, tools, and expertise and it is to support teaching-learning and research. GCI library offers students, faculty, and scholars online and offline systems that shall be of use for the concerned members to explore and investigate information and/or the required knowledgeable resources. GCI library team ensures the environment for a safe, welcoming, quiet, and collaborative study where visitors are assured to immerse themselves among an array of learning materials relating to diverse fields for their scholarly pursuits.

Along with the networked and online knowledge resources supported by e-library and learning management system (LMS), the GCI library has been designed with a stock of multiple volumes of course and reference books, journals, research papers, media, and more in the catalog. Students can also get advanced research assistance in multiple subject zones, explore linkages among ideas and interdisciplinary subjects, assistance managing, sharing, and preserving data, explore digital collections showcased by the librarian. In addition, the GCI library subscribes the international databases like Harvard Business Review, Business Week, and other magazines in both soft and hard copies. The library remains open from 7 AM-5 PM overall working days.

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Library Hours
(a) Sun - Fri 7 AM - 5 PM
(b) Sat & holidays Closed
Circulation Timings
(a) Sun - Fri 7 AM - 5 PM
(b) Sat and holidays Closed.
Membership benefits
Faculty 3 books
Staff 2 books
Students (Masters) 3 books
Students (A-Levels and Bachelors) 2 books
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